Bar du Bois 

16.9. – 26.10.2016
Opening: September, 15th 2016

Bar du Bois Schwaz by: Roy F. Culbertson III, Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin, Melanie Ebenhoch, Andreas Harrer, Ann Muller, Cecilie Norgaard, Florian Pfaffenberger, Julian Turner

With works of: Anna Barfuss, Kamilla Bischof, Julia Haller, Michael Horsky, Anna Ida Pezzot, Julia Kolbus, Dominik Louda, Beatrice Marchi, Saskia Te Nicklin, Matthias Noggler, Alex Ruthner, Alexandra Wanderer, Kathrin Wojtowicz, Julia Znoj

Curated by Cosima Rainer

Bar du Bois is, first of all, literally a bar. A wandering bar. Its furniture has been built by artists, and it is run by artists. Thus, Bar du Bois is also a polymorphic group of artists and a social place. And it is an artistically and curatorially experimental project established in contrast to the cult of recognizable artistic authorship, as an alternative to the art market’s obsession with commodities and the typically hygienic exhibition space of the white cube.


Performance: 'ACT II: HOPE FINDS A HOLE' 

1.10.2016 um 20:00 Uhr
A performance by Nicholas Hoffman

Florian Fusco
Sara Lanner
Stephen Mathewson
Paule Perrier
Klemens Waldhuber

Two cooks caught in a loop rehearsing a funeral dirge.

At the bar, a technician tries a hand at solitaire.

Meanwhile, Hope lounges on a bench in the backroom

Tongue gently sniffing around a black hole

Removing life from her left third molar.

Clumsily, sustenance rolls across the floor

Perhaps on its way out…