Beatrix Sunkovsky & Alfons Egger 
Pavilion. Exhibition of an Exhibition 

curated by Cosima Rainer

Beatrix Sunkovsky (b. in Innsbruck, Tyrol in 1951) and Alfons Egger (b. in Haiming, Tyrol in 1952) have long since pursued their individual artistic paths. Yet they have also repeatedly worked closely together, engaging in joint activities and projects.

The range of their forms of expressions spans from productions for the theater, room-filling installations, scenic photographs, paintings, drawings, collages, and linguistic works to conceptual and performance solutions. Both are multi-talents. Because of their strong relationship to the theater and to stage design they again and again found themselves at a distance from the world of “pure” art. This world defined itself by virtually disparaging the “theatrical” in the early 1980s. Today, theater and performance are clearly finding favor again in the arts.

Beatrix Sunkovsky and Alfons Egger have translated the spirit of their joint projects into a complex installation for their exhibition in the Gallery of the City of Schwaz. The title of the “play” brought on its stage is “Pavilion. Exhibition of an Exhibition.”


12.11. – 

Min Yoon 

curated by Cosima Rainer

Friday 24th February 2017 19h


25.2. – 

Michele di Menna 

curated by Cosima Rainer

Friday 5th May 2017 19h

6.5. – 

Ernst Caramelle 

curated by Cosima Rainer

opening and summer festivity
Friday 30th June 2017 19h

1.7. –