Anita Leisz, Hans Christian Lotz 

Freudenberger at Galerie der Stadt Schwaz

From April 15 to Juni 11, 2016

Space does not define itself by its extension or boundary alone. It is brought forth by the interaction between things and between things and human beings. With advancing digitization, the relationship between subject and object becomes more fluid, yet also more on a par. Things are no longer primarily experienced as inanimate and dependent on human activities but in their effects on their surroundings. The exhibition dedicated to Anita Leisz and Hans-Christian Lotz explores such mutual relationships and constellations, as well as the distances, differences, and shifts between forms, information, and performativity.


15.4. – 

Kalte Gesellschaft #2 

curated by Judith Hopf

with Magnus Andersen, Martin Ebner&Florian Zeyfang, Harun Farocki, Ida Persson, Julian Goethe, Judith Hopf, Anna Herms, Jonathan Penca

Opening: June 14, 7 pm

25.6. – 
17.9. – 
12.11. –